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1999 G8 summit statement

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Communique, G8 Summit,

Cologne, June 20 1999

IX. Promoting Non-proliferation, Arms Control and Disarmament

34. Strengthening the international non-proliferation regime and disarmament measures is one of our most important international priorities. We intend to build a broad international partnership on expanded threat reduction to address security, arms control, decommissioning and non-proliferation requirements while reducing risks to the environment. This will build on efforts currently being undertaken and planned by G8 countries and others. We are committed to increased resources for these purposes and encourage all other interested countries to join us.

35. We recognize the continuing need to protect and manage weapons-grade fissile material, especially plutonium. In past years, G8 countries have worked on the issue of managing weapons-grade nuclear material no longer required for defense purposes. We affirm our intention to establish arrangements for the safe management of such fissile material. We strongly support the concrete initiatives being undertaken by G8 countries and others for scientific and technical cooperation necessary to support future large-scale disposition programs. We invite all interested countries to support projects for early implementation of large-scale programs and urge establishment of a joint strategy. We recognize that an international approach to financing will be required involving both public and private funds, and we will review potential increases in our own resource commitments prior to the next G8 Summit.

36. We are deeply concerned about recent missile flight tests and developments in missile proliferation, such as actions by North Korea. We undertake to examine further individual and collective means of addressing this problem and reaffirm our commitment to the objectives of the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR).

37. Effective export control mechanisms are essential for achieving a broad range of our arms control and non-proliferation objectives. We will continue to look for ways to strengthen these mechanisms. At the same time we stress the role of the Nuclear Suppliers' Group in preventing nuclear proliferation.

38. One year after the nuclear tests by India and Pakistan, we reiterate our concerns and reaffirm our statement from the Birmingham Communiqué. Recent missile tests have further increased tension in the region. We encourage both countries to follow first positive steps already undertaken by joining international non-proliferation and disarmament efforts and taking the steps set out in UN Security Council resolution 1172.

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